sweet and fragile shell, snarky candy center (haela) wrote in mybabydahl,
sweet and fragile shell, snarky candy center


I just bought a new bottle of prenatal vitamins. I decided not to take the prescription ones my doctor gave me anymore because they are too hard to peel out of their individual wrappers and they cost too much - $20 for a 30 day supply! The ones I got at the store, "Naturally Preferred" ($13 for 120 caps) seem to have all of the things that I need most. The only thing that kind of concerned me is that it's got 8,000IU of Vitamin A, and I know anything over 10,000 is toxic, so I have to make absolutely sure that I don't forget and take it twice in a day.

Before this I was taking my one a day women's after my first set of prenatals ran out. It had 400mcg of folic acid in it and I've been eating a lot of stuff that has folic acid in it anyway so I think the baby is okay so far. I just wanted to get some better vitamins now because I'm becoming even more diet-conscious since I could be pregnant now, or very soon.

Oddly enough, the wrapper for my vitamins has a sticker that says "Remove before microwaving." I have to wonder who microwaves their prenatals.
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