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10:22am 07/01/2012
  I hear that I've been expected for a while. In that case, BEHOLD MY GREATNESS! As well as haela's and brutus_007's, naturally.

08:48am 18/08/2003
  I found out yesterday that my sister in law is pregnant again, so I will have a third niece-or-nephew.

My prediction for this month is that i won't ovulate. I dont know, my temperatures just seem too wacky for this cycle already.
02:13pm 08/08/2003
  I peed on a stick, twice, and it was negative. I'm still late, but my temperature went down today so I'm sure the Aunt is on her way. I was late last cycle too so I guess maybe I just have a long LP. Well at least now I can diet with a clear mind and not worry. This month we'll just have to be more careful and wait until I've reached a more acceptable weight before we officially try. I'm actually not that disappointed.

But jeez my hormones are awful messed up. I still have all kinds of crazy stuff going on. I guess it's just part of the package..
08:37am 04/08/2003
  I want to buy some home pregnancy tests just to keep around the house for those moments when I really really want to pee on a stick but don't want to go out and spend a lot of money. I heard of this site called saveontests.com, so I checked the Ovusoft message boards to see if anyone's had luck with those tests, since they are pretty cheap. Turns out women have been getting faint lines all the time with them... women tested their tap water, their 8 year old daughters.. and the tap water and 8 year old daughters were "pregnant" too!

I guess I'll wait and spend the extra few bucks on something from the drug store when I'm actually late. It's just dumb to spend that much money when there's always nothing, nothing. I've probably spent a hundred dollars on pee sticks this year. It's sad.
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12:56pm 01/08/2003
  Symptoms du jourCollapse )  
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Take that, haters. 
05:48pm 27/07/2003

SASKATCHEWAN, July 9, 2003 (LifeSiteNews.com) Scientists and professionals expert in ovulation have expressed surprise at the glowing worldwide coverage trumpeting the ovulation findings of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan as a 'scientific breakthrough.' The Saskatchewan researchers, led by Dr. Roger Pierson, claimed that their 'discovery' that women have "waves of developing follicles during each cycle, all of which could result in ovulation, proves that natural family planning techniques will often be ineffective."

Members of the Ovulation Method Research and Reference Center (OMRRC) in Melbourne Australia, the world's leading center of expertise on the Billings Ovulation Method, the accepted method for Natural Family Planning practitioners, expressed incredulity, not at Dr. Pierson's discovery of follicular waves, but rather at his claim that his discovery was something new. Professor Jim Brown, a member of the Center and a world renowned expert on estrogen chemistry first reported on the "waves" of follicular activity fully thirty years ago. They have long been incorporated into the successful rules of the Billings method.

Dr. Hannah Klaus, director of the Natural Family Planning Center of Washington D.C., and lifetime Fellow of the American College of OBGYN explained follicular waves to LifeSite news saying they "can be likened to trying to start an automobile motor in the Canadian winter, but having the motor sputter out a couple of times. In a similar way, with follicular waves a few start and don't take."

Professor Brown and his associates disagree with Dr. Pierson's claims that his discovery means that there is no period of time to have intercourse without conceiving children. A message from OMRRC to its members exclaims, "We can all say as Billings Ovulation Method teachers of long experience, that we have seen this phenomenon in the charts of the women we teach and that the rules of the Billings Method cover these occurrences and do not result in unplanned pregnancies."

The Billings method does not depend on a stable menstrual cycle as did long outdated and rejected methods such as rhythm method, the method which was the primary natural family planning method mentioned by many of the newspapers covering the story. Instead, accounting for follicular waves, it utilises the changes in cervical mucus production as observed by the woman herself for identifying the underlying events of the ovulatory cycle.

In the early 60's, Drs. John and Lyn Billings and their colleagues discovered a interrelationship between the cervical mucus and the cyclic changes in the ovarian hormones and fertility and alleged the use of mucus symptom as the main index of ovulation and fertility applicable to all phases of female reproductive life. Their rules suggest that the women, "Judge fertility by making observations, not by counting days. It is normal for cycles to vary in length." When mucus appears suggesting follicular activity the rules advocate a "wait and see" approach for three days for those with reasons not to conceive.

Professor Brown verified the effectiveness of the Billings Method from scientific information gained from 750,000 cases which he examined while he was a member of the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. Yet, Dr. Pierson had the audacity, and was supported by the media in this audacity, to reject natural family planning on the basis of one study of 63 women over the period of one month. The OMRRC stated that numerous independent trials have confirmed the 99% success rate of the Method including a recent study following thousands of women fro more than a year. If any further proof is needed, up to date the method has been regularly used by over more than 2,686,400 fertile couples in China for avoiding pregnancy with the overall success rate being around 99%.

Dr. Klaus, cut to the heart of the argument exclaiming, "The Billing's method has less than a miniscule 1% rate of unplanned pregnancies related to a correct use of the method. I've been working with the method since 1973. If the rules were not adequate such a rate simply could not be reported."

The OMRRC has asked people worldwide to write their local media asking them to report properly on this issue.

See World Organization Ovulation Method Billings Website:
Cycles and Cycles 
12:09am 18/07/2003
  Well, my cycles have finally gone back to completely normal. I'm on a 25 day average, just like I had before Depo. I lost my basal thermometer when I took it to work to use as a fever thermometer while I was having gallbladder problems, so I have to get a new one ASAP. When I have lost some more weight, we will get back to business as far as baby making goes. I'll probably still update this journal from time to time with info on my fertility stuff, since I am going to more actively keep an eye on it whether I'm pregnant or not.  
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09:10am 30/04/2003
  I'm bleeding and this time it's actually more than just a pink stain. I thought I'd be happy, but I'm not.  
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06:44am 26/04/2003
  My ankle hurt so bad last night after all the Tiger Balm rubbed off, I couldn't sleep worth crap. I was too tired to get up and look for the jar again. I've been holding off on taking any pain pills because I finally ovulated on the 14th and I wanted to be sure it's okay. So I took a pee test this morning and it was negative. it's been 12 days and I felt it 3 times on the 14th so I should surely feel it by now if I got pregnant. So my guess is my fever killed off all the spermies. Now I'll just wait for AF.. I'm not going to cry.  
Wait just one hot little minute.... 
08:41am 19/04/2003
  Maybe this clomid cycle didn't fail after all!

I think I actually ovulated, I was feeling some sharp pains a few times that day or the day before. Now let's hope that the fever didn't kill off everything Hugo put in there two days earlier..
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Maybe Maybe Maybe 
07:41am 27/03/2003
  The doctor said to count my spotting as my period since anovulatory bleeding is really really light.


But then my temperature went up for two days and my cervical fluid dried up. I know I should wait until tomorrow to be sure but if I start my clomid my temperature will stay up for the next five days anyway. And I'm supposed to start it today... and if I don't I might have gotten my hopes up for nothing and wasted several days of what has turned into a very short cycle for me.

Decisions! Decisions!
Down, Down, Down 
08:50am 24/03/2003
  My first progesterone draw was 6. The next, with Clomid, was 1.1. Last Friday's was .6 and I started my period yesterday. They are bumping up my clomid to 150... this is 3/4 of the way to the highest dose they can give. I am thinking about giving up after this round because I don't want to reach the top and THEN find out that it will never work. Not to mention, the side effects are getting to the point where I don't know how much more I can handle. The cramps and the hot flashes and then getting the runs at PMS time.. it's really pitiful when it's all happening for nothing. If I could have some kind of assurance that pushing forward would be of any use, maybe I wouldn't feel like quitting. But right now, I just don't see the point. I will do it one last time.. and then it's over. Maybe I can talk Hugo into adopting or something.  
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Progesterone test today 
08:16am 03/03/2003
  I don't want to waste my money on my progesterone test today, but I will just to appease the medical science world. I am sure by now by my chart that I didn't ovulate and the cramps were either cysts or follicles that aren't bursting. The LH surges were probably just my hormones out of whack. My temperatures are just going down, down, down. I'll ask about the hcg trigger today if I can talk to the nurse. I'll probably need my progesterone results and an ultrasound first to make sure my ovaries didn't blow up.  
10:59pm 01/03/2003
  I just bought a new bottle of prenatal vitamins. I decided not to take the prescription ones my doctor gave me anymore because they are too hard to peel out of their individual wrappers and they cost too much - $20 for a 30 day supply! The ones I got at the store, "Naturally Preferred" ($13 for 120 caps) seem to have all of the things that I need most. The only thing that kind of concerned me is that it's got 8,000IU of Vitamin A, and I know anything over 10,000 is toxic, so I have to make absolutely sure that I don't forget and take it twice in a day.

Before this I was taking my one a day women's after my first set of prenatals ran out. It had 400mcg of folic acid in it and I've been eating a lot of stuff that has folic acid in it anyway so I think the baby is okay so far. I just wanted to get some better vitamins now because I'm becoming even more diet-conscious since I could be pregnant now, or very soon.

Oddly enough, the wrapper for my vitamins has a sticker that says "Remove before microwaving." I have to wonder who microwaves their prenatals.
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04:51pm 01/03/2003
  Wow. I got 12 hours of sleep last night, almost, and then I just woke up from another 3 hour nap now.

I'm spotting again. Could this be a Clomid twin implanting? Or am I ovulating again if I ovulated yesterday?

I so, so, so, so want to take the pregnancy test but I don't want to waste it by taking it too early. I know when I go on monday for my progesterone draw, I can convince the nurse to let me take one for free. If I'm pregnant now won't I be just as pregnant two days from now?

Last night my chinese food started tasting like aluminum foil.

I am reading "Love works like this" by Lauren Slater. This woman writes very beautifully, and poetically, but she's also freaking kooky. She is hallucinating a lot. I hope that isn't something normal about pregnancy.
OPK tests 
05:47pm 28/02/2003
  Here's the picture of all my OPK tests.. well, except for one, because I lost it somewhere.

I took Clomid days 5 through 9. So, the next few days could have been false positive because Clomid forces you to have ultra high LH which is what the OPK test looks for. I thought that since they were fading more and more that the ones that got strong had to be the real deal. But then the one today was the strongest one ever, so. Who knows? I guess we'll find out eventually.

See the tests!Collapse )
Two lines! 
05:08pm 28/02/2003
  I think I got some false positives last week on my ovulation predictor kits. I figured this because my temperatures started dropping the last couple of days and this morning it was way, way, way low. I had been adjusting my temps the days before that because I had been waking up at different times and the temps didn't count anyway. I was just going on the OPK test I was taking. Hugo and I didn't do much "business" while I was working graveyard shifts and I was hoping that we didn't miss my ovulation if the tests had been false positive. Well, we did it again this morning and then went out and hung out with my sister for a while.

She gave me a ton of pregnancy and baby books and magazines and brochures. She also said she's about to pack up all of Phoebe's layette stuff and things she has outgrown, and I'll get all of that too. I got home and had to pee really really bad, and I was cramping on one side again, so I took my last OPK test and it is positive. All the other OPK tests this week have been negative. Add to that that I am now bleeding. The only reason for all of this is either that babydahl has just implanted today and the hcg is triggering a false high on the OPK test, or the more likely reason is that I am ovulating for real today and one of the follicles let out some blood as well. If the bleeding gets worse I'll take the only pregnancy test I've got and if it's positive I'll go to the hospital. If it goes away I'm going to just assume that it's me really ovulating this time and everything is okay.

I'm getting my progesterone drawn on Monday. If my progesterone is low I'll have them do an ultrasound (100% on my dime because the insurance won't pay for infertility treatment) . If they see that I ovulated, then they can give me progesterone supplements to help support the pregnancy until babydahl starts producing progesterone on its own. If I didn't ovulate then they can give me the HCG trigger to make me ovulate. If I have too many follicles I won't take the shot, but I think they can give me progesterone to take down the follicles and we can try again in a few weeks. If the progesterone is high then we are in good shape and I can get a pregnancy test in a week or two.

The bleeding has me really concerned. I'm trying to stay calm. I know it's normal. I know I'm going to be okay. I know the doctor is monitoring me and will help me make sure I have my baby this time. I'm going to go read some of these pregnancy books and see if they will help me feel better for now.
11:09pm 21/02/2003
  Preliminary names list, just some ideas.

Henriette (Hugo's grandma is Henriette)


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02:32pm 19/01/2003
  missusdahl: what do you think of Juliette as a name?
teddybrute007: It's a possibility
missusdahl: for a baby girl :)
teddybrute007: Oh, I thought for a boy! :P
To my baby, 
06:40pm 10/11/2002
  Dear Babydahl,

You are already conceived. Mommy just isn't carrying you yet.


Your parents.
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