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Two lines!

I think I got some false positives last week on my ovulation predictor kits. I figured this because my temperatures started dropping the last couple of days and this morning it was way, way, way low. I had been adjusting my temps the days before that because I had been waking up at different times and the temps didn't count anyway. I was just going on the OPK test I was taking. Hugo and I didn't do much "business" while I was working graveyard shifts and I was hoping that we didn't miss my ovulation if the tests had been false positive. Well, we did it again this morning and then went out and hung out with my sister for a while.

She gave me a ton of pregnancy and baby books and magazines and brochures. She also said she's about to pack up all of Phoebe's layette stuff and things she has outgrown, and I'll get all of that too. I got home and had to pee really really bad, and I was cramping on one side again, so I took my last OPK test and it is positive. All the other OPK tests this week have been negative. Add to that that I am now bleeding. The only reason for all of this is either that babydahl has just implanted today and the hcg is triggering a false high on the OPK test, or the more likely reason is that I am ovulating for real today and one of the follicles let out some blood as well. If the bleeding gets worse I'll take the only pregnancy test I've got and if it's positive I'll go to the hospital. If it goes away I'm going to just assume that it's me really ovulating this time and everything is okay.

I'm getting my progesterone drawn on Monday. If my progesterone is low I'll have them do an ultrasound (100% on my dime because the insurance won't pay for infertility treatment) . If they see that I ovulated, then they can give me progesterone supplements to help support the pregnancy until babydahl starts producing progesterone on its own. If I didn't ovulate then they can give me the HCG trigger to make me ovulate. If I have too many follicles I won't take the shot, but I think they can give me progesterone to take down the follicles and we can try again in a few weeks. If the progesterone is high then we are in good shape and I can get a pregnancy test in a week or two.

The bleeding has me really concerned. I'm trying to stay calm. I know it's normal. I know I'm going to be okay. I know the doctor is monitoring me and will help me make sure I have my baby this time. I'm going to go read some of these pregnancy books and see if they will help me feel better for now.
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