sweet and fragile shell, snarky candy center (haela) wrote in mybabydahl,
sweet and fragile shell, snarky candy center


Wow. I got 12 hours of sleep last night, almost, and then I just woke up from another 3 hour nap now.

I'm spotting again. Could this be a Clomid twin implanting? Or am I ovulating again if I ovulated yesterday?

I so, so, so, so want to take the pregnancy test but I don't want to waste it by taking it too early. I know when I go on monday for my progesterone draw, I can convince the nurse to let me take one for free. If I'm pregnant now won't I be just as pregnant two days from now?

Last night my chinese food started tasting like aluminum foil.

I am reading "Love works like this" by Lauren Slater. This woman writes very beautifully, and poetically, but she's also freaking kooky. She is hallucinating a lot. I hope that isn't something normal about pregnancy.
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